A journey in mindset evolution


Our thoughts control everything about our world. What words do you use to speak to yourself? Are they kind and loving or... not so much?

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We look to our bodies to carry us through our days for all of our lives. That's a good reason to nourish them and treat them well.

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It's our spirit that drives us to be better, to dig deep when things get difficult.  Your spirit deserves to be nurtured like any other part of you.

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Since 1993

You're in the right place if...

You're feeling stuck and not able to focus on nurturing your mind, body or spirit.

You're unhappy with how your body feels or functions.

You're identifying your self-worth with your body's current condition and shape.

You can't seem to get motivated to make changes in your life, your weight or your relationships.

How I help

I believe our lives as they are right now are a result of our mindset in the moment. If we can change our mindset, we can change our lives and experience endless possibilities.

Through my program, we'll work 1-on-1 to walk step-by-step through your challenges. We'll use my toolset to break-through obstacles and past beliefs that no longer serve you.

I can well relate to feeling stuck, uncertain, anxious and a whole host of other emotions. As a former United States Air Force enlisted, United States Navy officer and nurse, I've encountered my fair share of challenges and obstacles.

I'm here to tell you that, with the right coach and tools, you can feel better. We can work through the barriers and get you to a place of happiness, contentment and peace.

Wander gently around my website to get to know me better.. Then reach out to me so we can decide together if we're a good match for each other.

May you find good health & peace,

Is this the kind of happiness you desire? Mindset evolution can get you there.

Dana Stanford Health and Wellness
I'm Dana Stanford

Next Steps...

Curious about evolving your mindset so you can enjoy the life you deserve? Learn more about the programs and then, if you're ready and committed, let's talk.