About Dana

My Approach

Having served as a nurse in the United States Air Force and Unites States Navy, I can relate to the myriad emotions you may be feeling, whether its stress, being stuck, feeling unhealthy, being overweight or just not sure how to age gracefully.

My clients tell me that they feel comfortable working through their obstacles with me because I can relate to what they're feeling and where they are in their lives. Plus, although I still have bumps along the way, I've personally used the tools that I'll teach you to help cope with the difficult days and obtacles that life throws at us all on occasion.

We'll start out with a 30 minute initial consult where we can get to know each other and determine if we're a good match for each other. If we both agree, then, our work together begins!

Dana Stanford Health Coach Phoenix

My Story

Having been down the road of being anxious and stuck, having low self-esteem and being very body conscious, I discovered health and wellness coaching and fell in love.

Here was an opportunity to help another person live the life they deserve by helping them evolve their mindset step by step.

Being a nurse and helping others all of my adult life has prepared me well for this profession. Adding on the tools from the Health Coaching Institute has only strengthened my toolbox so that together, we can help you evolve your mindset to one of health and wellness, happiness and peace.

Next Steps...

Use the calendar in the right column of this page to book a 30 minute session with me so we can decide next steps.