What does Freedom mean in your life?

Freedom. What does that really mean?

There's certainly a lot of talk about our freedoms these days. What does freedom mean to you?  It has me reflecting on what does freedom truly mean?

Not freedom as in the sense of “I’m an American and I have freedoms and rights!”  But what about freedom in our day to day lives? How do we limit ourselves and our beliefs by not giving ourselves the freedom to BE. We (Americans) like to talk about living our lives to the fullest, but are we?  How many people are 100% satisfied with the jobs and their careers? Where they live? Their health? Are we really free and choosing what we want for ourselves?

It is such a gift to be able to create the purposeful life we want to lead instead of enslaving ourselves in self-doubt or the life that someone else wants us to lead.   After contemplating this thought I wondered what does freedom really me?? 

I closed my typing window and turned to my friend, “Professor” Google.  Google in fact defines freedom as the “power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hinderance or restraint, “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.” 

When I read this last definition, It made me think that we could possibly be imprisoned in our lives by not living the life we want or deserve. What would freedom look like in our lives if we are not hindered or restrained?  And then how do we create freedom and a purpose in our day to day lives?  

Next thought…where do I see freedom in my life. Aha!  I think I may see it. Over the last 2-3 years, I have worked really hard on creating freedom in my life.  After a busy, on the go lifestyle in Los Angeles, we (my husband and I) decided to take a step back to create freedom in our lives. 

One of these areas that I wanted more freedom was my career. I am now starting my own business as a Health Coach and working part-time as a pediatric Oncology nurse. This is what freedom looks like to me!   Creating a life that I love without restraint so that I can be me and do what makes me feel empowered to speak or act without restraint.

It’s not always easy, but I do find that I feel less constrained when I am able to create my own schedule, make my own decisions about how I want my business to look like AND I get to serve others by helping them become their best self!  

To keep my freedom intact I definitely have to constantly check in with my self and stay grounded in my WHY. By staying connected to my roots of WHY Is exactly what the definition of freedom is for me. Not only am passionate about helping others live their best self, having my own business creates the freedom in my life to be ME and to share my self authentically with others.  Without this connection, it becomes very easy for me to lose my way and thus lose my freedom.

I wonder where others could create freedom in their lives to live with freedom - without feeling imprisoned or enslaved by our thoughts, actions or perhaps what others want our lives to look like. 

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